Downsize, declutter and organize with ease

Whether you're moving out or ready for a change, we reduce the stress of getting rid of the old and creating new, organized spaces for seniors, families, and individuals in Columbus, OH. 

Downsizing or Moving

We help seniors, their relatives, and empty nesters transition to smaller spaces—whether that's a senior living facility or a condo downtown. We also manage large moves, helping families keep organized and stay sane throughout the moving process.

Declutter and Tidy

We help you transform under-used and over-crowded spaces into your new favorite rooms. We'll work with you to decide what stays, what goes, and what new items we need to make your spaces feel functional and fun.

Organize and Simplify

We help you create simple systems to keep your home in order. From closets and kitchens to offices and playrooms, we make your spaces more efficient so it's easier for you to enjoy them.

Away It Goes Services

We offer a complete range of downsizing, moving, decluttering and organizing services. Read more about all of our services or explore some of our most popular packages below.

About Me

I'm Becky Minkin, owner of Away It Goes. If you're in Columbus and need to downsize, declutter or organize your home, I want to help lighten your load. 

Downsizing Client Story

Our client decided it was time to downsize after 40 years of living in the same home. Their home was 11 rooms and two and a half bathrooms, including a finished basement, screened-in porch, and detached garage.


So how do you keep 40 years of memories while transitioning to a new home that only has four rooms and two bathrooms?


We worked with our client to identify their most valuable and cherished possessions while eliminating items that no longer served them. It was amazing how their great art and furniture stood out in their new, less cluttered space.

Their new home truly shows that less is more. Explore the photo gallery to see the before and after photos and hover over images to read more about the process.


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