• Becky Minkin

Where do all of our past "treasures" go?

Recently, a friend shared an article called "Don’t just trash it" written by Steve Stephens with the Columbus Dispatch. This article discusses that it's very easy to just throw everything into a dumpster or even put it out on the curb for trash day. The Solid Waste Authority of Central OH (SWACO) encourages people to think about where all of this “trash” is going and how it's impacting the environment.

There are other ways to dispose of items that have run their course. One’s trash is another person’s treasure.

For furniture, there is The Furniture Bank, which helps people who need furniture but cannot designate their money for this purpose. The Furniture Bank will find your old end table, couch, chairs, etc. a new home.

If you would like to make some extra money, you can have a garage sale. Items don’t need to be sold for a lot of money, but it gives them the opportunity to find new homes. This type of sale can be done in one day or multiple days. Different days attract different customers.

The items that don't sell can be taken to Goodwill. According to Lynne Leger, SVP Retail Operations & Business Services for Goodwill., the profits they make off of your donations goes to operating supported-living services and job-training programs.

Some items are harder to get rid of because they are hazardous. But guess what? Columbus has a Hazardous Waste Drop-Off site that is free to Franklin County residents. Contact me and I'm happy to share the address.

The bottom line is that we should put some thought into the causes that mean the most to us before throwing something away. That way, we can take our extra items to charities and organizations to benefit others.

Check back soon for some more information that you'll find helpful!

Best, Becky

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